Why my data is not saved in scratch?

hello, I am using the scratch as my primary storage as 250GB is all used up in the original storage. However, I just did HISAT2 and failed it as there is no storage. Can anyone tell me why HISAT2 can’t be run when scratch is still available and i set it as my preferred storage?

Thank you so much.

I attached the link for my history above! Thank you.

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Hi @Josh

I can see that the data storage state seems odd on one of those outputs. We are not sure why.

Would you please try using the rerun button of one of those jobs again as a test please?

Also, if you are actually over quota, you’ll need to first be under quota, even if just a little bit, before you can make use of scratch space. Everything except purging data is on pause if the account goes over quota at all.