Workflow Run RO-Crate

Hi, I am currently trying to upgrade the version of the galaxy instance we are currently working on to take advantage of the workflow run RO-crates, however have upgraded the galaxy_commit_id in the ansible deployment to ‘release_24.0’ which seems to have updated the version, however when attempting to download the workflow information there is only the option for BCO rather than the RO-crate (via Data->Workflow Invocations->->Export). Is there any other config I need to change to enable this - can’t find anything in the docs or config sample files?

You need to enable Celery tasks in your Galaxy instance for this feature to work. You can have a look at the documentation on how to set it up here: Production Environments — Galaxy Project 24.1.dev0 documentation


Thank you for the help! However, I am struggling with how to implement this in the ansible deployment - could you provide any assistance on this? We already have the celery service up and running with the current deployment - how do we add the workflow run RO-Crate generation to this?


If your Celery service is running can you verify your Galaxy configuration file galaxy.yml has: enable_celery_tasks: true?

This, and possibly a server restart, should be enough for the feature to appear in the UI.


Thanks, this is now working. I did have the enable_celery_tasks: true in the config file but in the incorrect location. It wasn’t clear from the docs where this was meant to be as in the sample config file this is shown under the galaxy section, and not the celery section. For me the working solution is to have that variable set in both the galaxy and celery sections of the config file.

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Glad you got it working!

According to the galaxy.yml.sample file it should be placed directly under the galaxy section.

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That is what I initially attempted, but this didn’t seem to work (even with a server restart etc). The way I have it working is to set the variable under both the sections. But, thanks for the assistance!