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Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your reply! We have since referenced the info you provided and updated our Galaxy to the 19.01 release. It is weird that following the upgrade, while the
font/color theme of our Galaxy UI has been changed to the same of your public main Galaxy server, the Tool Pane layout/organization remains unchanged. One of the possible reasons might be that we did not use the Ansible for the tool installation and update.

Speaking of the Ansible, we do have a very important question for you:

We realize that the Galaxy team is now recommending Ansible for setting up, managing and upgrading Galaxy. Our question
is if this Ansible approach is now Galaxy’s team’s official strategy going forward? In late 2018, we tried the Galaxy Kickstart, and ran into several issues (ftp, postgresql, etc.). We are unsure if the current Ansible approach has resolved those

We would appreciate your comments!

Thanks again,

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Galaxy main page layout


I do not know what issue you ran into, but be assured that,,, and many other Galaxies are being deployed using Ansible.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks so much your reply! It is great to know that the Ansible has been used for the deployment of many public Galaxy instances. One quick question I have
is if there will be any major update of it (scripts, playbooks, etc.) within next couple of months?


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I doubt that. Our Ansible playbooks/roles are being developed continuously and atm they are in a pretty good shape.

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Hi Marten,

Thanks much for the reply! We have decided to try “clone” the current public main Galaxy server from the ground up using your “Official” Ansible approach. If
all possible, could you give us a couple of key links of the resources for us to follow?


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How to "clone" the public main Galaxy server?