Workflow to fastqsanger file

Dear Galaxy Community,
i have problem to analyze the simply fastqsanger file made with HiSeq illumina on custom oncological panel qiagen. is if possible to have a workflow analysis for those file?.
thanks a lot

Hi @Carlo_Ceglia

Reads from that protocol should already be in “fastqsanger” format. Upload the data to Galaxy and let the process guess the datatype using the default option “autodetect”.

What to do next depends on your analysis goals. The GTN tutorials can be navigated by topic or searched with keywords. Many tutorials include a workflow, and there are tutorials that cover how to use, modify, and create workflows.

If you need more help, please be specific when you ask a new question so we can help you. What are the analysis goals? What steps have you done so far? If you ran into job errors: what did you check already, what did the error logs report, and can you share a link to your work for context?