Workflows: filter outputs

I would like to ask help for the following problem with a workflow: I need to connect two tools. The first it outputs a list of files and I would like to connect it to a second tool that needs in input only a specific file from the list generated from the previous tool. Is there a way to do it, or a link to a comprehensive documentation on the workflows?

Have a nice day, and many thanks.

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There probably is a way to do it, how do you decide which dataset to use from the list ?
Does it have a specific name or position in the list ?

Yes it has a specific name! (i.e File_1)

Then you can use the Extract dataset from a list tool. This tool doesn’t set the datatype in advance, so if you’re connecting this to a downstream step you also need to change the datatype to a compatible datatype.

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It works fine!

Hi all,
I have another doubt. If I want to extract from a dataset all the files with the filename containing a specific string (i.e all the files containing the string model1 like -> file_model1.txt, file1_model1.txt etc…"
What should I do?