404 Not found error - No route for /_x_accel_redirect/...

Hoping for some help.

I have a new Galaxy 21.09 install that was done using Ansible roles following the tutorial guidance here:

but using the updated Ansible files (since some of the older ones mentioned in the tutorial produced installation errors).

It installed fine and the tools seem to work fine except that I find that there are some files that I am unable to view using the “eye” button - although I get the correct preview in the box. The error I get is:

404 Not Found

The resource could not be found.
No route for /_x_accel_redirect/galaxyzpool/data/7/d/e/dataset_7de6b170-fac8-4d5e-88ce-9bdbe5dd97fa.dat

This is when trying to see the output of the Samtools Flagstat tool.

I also find that I cannot download some (not all) files. And I get the error that the file is not at the location.

This seems to have something to do with the proxying function in NGINX (I think) but I don’t have enough knowledge of how this works to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated!

OK. Found another syntax error in the referenced tutorial:

In the galaxy.j2 file, “location /_x_accel_redirect” should be “location /_x_accel_redirect/”



I think that looks like the right fix, and that’s what we’ve documented in Galaxy’s documentation as well: Proxying Galaxy with NGINX — Galaxy Project 21.09.1.dev0 documentation.
Do you want to open a pull request against the tutorial for the credit ?

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