Account marked deleted

I have been working on galaxy for quite some time. my account is deleted suddenly.
I have all my work there. could you please help me restore my account.
email: (admin redacted for privacy)
username : supriyan

Thank you

Hello @Supriyan

Creating multiple accounts in order to circumvent our data and job quotas degrades the service for all other users. Excess accounts are administratively removed (purged) at this server to ensure fair access to the free public resource.

If the terms of service seem unclear, go back and review the account activation emails you received for each (the email with the link). You can also log out and look at the account registration form again, or review the terms under the Help menu.

Currently, you still have at least one active account.

If you want to switch which account is active, and can agree to use the public resource fairly going forward, reply-all back to our existing email conversation (not publicly here) and include your answers for the four questions in this topic Accounts deleted from Galaxy Main to enforce posted Terms and Conditions - #18 by jennaj. At this point, that even being possible is extremely time sensitive but we can try. Please follow up by email.