Delete account to create new one


I just created a galaxy account on, but i’m in Europe and i would like to shut this one done and open one on, as it is said that one can’t have 2 accounts. When using the current one, i couldn’t find the zebrafish genome on the built-in genome list for example but my colleagues on the eu version have it. How can i do that or is it considered different services and therefore ok to create a new one on the .eu ?

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Yes, and are considered different services, so you can create one account on each if you so wish. If you want, however, you can also have your account deleted by contacting us.

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Great, thank you. How can i contact you regarding the first account’s suppresion?

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Hi @Carole_A

Every user can now delete accounts themselves under User > Preferences.

For other account administrative help when working at, you can also send an email to The email should be sent from the same email address as the account is registered under.

If working at another public Galaxy server, the administrative contact information is usually on the server’s home page and/or at their directory listing here If you cannot find it, ask and we can try to help here. Please post the server’s base URL for context.

General usage questions should be asked at this forum. We will usually need the public Galaxy’s URL or a description of the private server (local, docker, cloud) you are working at for context eg: where sourced, version of Galaxy. The full name/version of the tool (if a tool question) also helps and will aid in community assistance.


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