Creating another account for training purposes

I understand that maintaining multiple accounts is not encouraged, however, I have a specific training scenario that necessitates the temporary use of an extra account. I have been actively using Galaxy for a while now, and I am currently in the process of providing training to a colleague on how to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. In order to facilitate this training, I require access to a secondary account to demonstrate various features, default settings, and the utilization of tools, some of which may need to be downloaded from the Toolshed. Additionally, I would like to showcase the functionality of sharing files between accounts, which necessitates the use of two separate accounts.

Rest assured, I fully understand and respect Galaxy’s policies regarding account usage, and I am committed to adhering to all guidelines and regulations. I intend to use the additional account strictly for training purposes and will delete it once the training is completed and testing has been conducted successfully.

I kindly request your guidance and assistance on the appropriate steps to take in order to create this temporary account without risking the violation of any rules or regulations. Your prompt response and assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @RK46
This part makes me think that you are working on a local Galaxy? Where you are admin? You can set account terms any way you want on your own server. :slight_smile:

The rest you could probably do on one of the public sites. In general, just avoid running a bunch of large jobs, or stashing large amounts of data in the other account. And, coordinate with the server admins. If you do that before the accounts are suspended, this will go smoother, since everyone will know what is going on. There isn’t an automatic way of skipping over the duplicated account checks as far as I know but any mixups should be fixable.

The admin contact for the server you are working at would have been in your original account activation email (the one with the link). Or, you can review the Galaxy Platform directory Public Galaxy Servers or maybe that server’s homepage.

If you can’t find the contact, please post back the URL for the server you plan to use and we can help to find it.

Xref for others reading → FAQ: Can I create multiple Galaxy accounts?.