Trouble for create a new account

Thanks for reading my question.
I had registered an account and done as the system reply mail said to confirm the email address. However, after I did this I could not log in with this account. “No such user or invalid password” which showed on the login page. I also exam whether I forgot my password so I tried to reset my password, but I could not get any password reset mail.
Could you help me to fix this?

My account email is admin_redacted_for_privacy.

Please help me!!


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Welcome, @userlee7655!

We see that you already have an account at the public Galaxy Main server at It is registered under a different email address.

There is a quota requirement to only use/create one account per user per public Galaxy server. Terms and Conditions.

The terms effectively mean that anyone can create one single account at any or all of the public Galaxy servers:


  • Do NOT attempt to create a duplicate account at Galaxy Main. Duplicates are routinely picked up and deleted, without notice, resulting in loss of access and any data/work in progress.

  • If your goal is to simply update your current registered email address, you don’t need to create another account. See: Reset password or Change email, username, password

  • Registration/password reset emails can also sometimes get sorted into email spam folders – so check there for the confirmation email.

  • It is possible that you entered your email address incorrectly when logging back in. Or, that you are attempting to log into a different server from where the account was created. Check the URL.

  • If you need to contact the administrators of that other public server for help with registration, contact information for public servers is usually on the home page of the server and sometimes in the hub link above. Usegalaxy.* server administrators can be reached at this forum, but many others do not check here routinely. If you cannot find the contact for a server, post back the URL and we can try to help find it for you.


Thank you!
I really have an issue of forgetting the password.
Now everything goes well, thank you so much.
Hope you have a nice day!


Sorry, here I am , again.
I found I could log in Galaxy (
But the same account could not be used in Galaxy deepTools3 (
Is there any thing I should aware or need to do?
Thank you again!

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Did you create an account at yet? Server details:

Your account at Galaxy Main and other public Galaxy servers is distinct. Everyone is allowed one account per primary Galaxy server.

Deeptools is installed at many public Galaxy servers, including Galaxy Main and Galaxy EU