Error when trying to setup a new account

I have had an account linked to my personal email for some years. I wish to change it to an account linked to my institutional email, as that would seem to allow me to have a bit more storage. I created an account with that email through the OrcID identification route last week, but then I think I deleted that account because it seemed to have the same quota as my personal one and I didn’t want to have two accounts. I figured today that I could create an account through my institution (CIIMAR) authentication directly but I don’t seem to be able to login. The LifeScience RI website asked me to link the account I created today with the OrcID one, which I did, but then when I try to log in to galaxy with that account, nothing happens and I remain not logged in.

Hi @themudo
Galaxy users can change the registration email in User (the top Galaxy menu) > Preferences > Manage information.
No need for another account.
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