Accounts at different public Galaxy servers are distinct

I can’t access my galaxy account. Is the server down? I tried different browsers, but still can’t access it.

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I found an account associated with the email address you use here at Galaxy Help at the public Galaxy server The account is active and functional, but the server did have some problems around the time your wrote in. Try again now.

That said, it is common to have one account at several different public Galaxy servers. Those accounts are distinct at each server. It is possible to move data between servers: URLs from datasets, history archives. Be aware that the data usually has to be in a shared state first (related to Data Privacy, see below).

Check the URL for the server you attempting to log in to. It may not be the URL for the public Galaxy server where the account you are trying to access is located.

One of the FAQs below covers how to get an account at – you already have one there – but most other public Galaxy servers have the same account creation process in place. If the process is different, check the server’s home page for server-specific instructions.


Server status for UseGalaxy.* servers and core resources:

Hope that helps!