Activation email won't send from Galaxy Project main page:

I am new Galaxy Project user and am trying to verify my account. The verification email isn’t coming through to my Outlook email address. I have double-checked that the email address is entered correctly, and I have tried re-sending the verification email. I have also checked my Junk and Trash folders to no avail.

Does anyone have suggestions for solving this issue? Thanks!

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Hi - Sometimes activation emails take some time to arrive, so please double check to see if it has come by now.

If not, please confirm that the public Galaxy server you are trying to access is, and if so, send us an email at the mailing list Make sure to send this using the same exact email address as you are using to register the account. The mailing list is private to this server’s admin team. Please include a link to your Galaxy Help post in the email message so we can link the two.

If you are working at a different Galaxy server, you will need to contact the administrators of that server to find out what is going wrong. Contact information is usually on the home page of the server and also sometimes here:


@krhaynes, we checked your account at and all is set up fine.

We also tested how activation emails are being sent out for new accounts at and those are going out quickly and correctly, during both the initial account sign up and when re-sending the verification email.

Please try re-sending the verification email again one more time. If that fails, you’ll need to contact the administrators of your email account to find out if there is some type of email filter/block in place.

How-to re-send an account verification link: Log into your account and at the top of the browser window click on the resend link, highlighted in this screenshot by the blue circle:

After clicking on the link, you’ll get a message like this one:

Hope that helps!

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