Adding --cut_right option for fastp

Hello Galaxy community,

thank you for the great work. Is it possible to add the --cut_right option to the GUI for fastp?
It belongs in the “Per read cutting by quality” options. According to GitHub - OpenGene/fastp: An ultra-fast all-in-one FASTQ preprocessor (QC/adapters/trimming/filtering/splitting/merging...) the version in Galaxy supports this. It would be great to have this!

Thank you very much,

Welcome, @ChoudalakisM

I added your request to a new enhancement issue for the tool developers to consider. Please follow the ticket for updates, and feel free to join the comments/discussion: fastp: add options for "-r, --cut_right" to the tool form · Issue #5183 · galaxyproject/tools-iuc · GitHub

Should you be interested in helping to make the changes, please see the contributing guidelines for how to get started :hammer_and_wrench: tools-iuc/ at main · galaxyproject/tools-iuc · GitHub


Thank you very much @jennaj !

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