Adding new proteomics tool on

Hi. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a new proteomics tool (link below) to the public server that is associated with the protein identification using a FASTA Database?.


Sage: The fastest search engine

Sage is well-integrated into the open-source proteomics ecosystem, e.g. in the OpenMS package (which is already partly integrated in useGalaxy).

It would be great if you could add it to the public server.

Thank you very much.


Welcome, @sciordia

It looks like the licensing is fully open source, so that is the first box marked as a :white_check_mark:

Where to make the next request

  1. Open an issue at the target tool’s development repository and make the request as “Wrap for Galaxy”.


  1. Start the request at the IUC instead. GitHub - galaxyproject/tools-iuc: Tool Shed repositories maintained by the Intergalactic Utilities Commission


  1. The third option is to wrap the tool yourself and collaborate with the two groups above.

Most of the work done for Galaxy is provided by community contributors, and the attribution procedures are very good. This includes not just the technical/coding parts, but the wrapper design (which parameters, how to model them) and scientific review (potential new tutorials, help content on the form).

If you would like to start up the discussion with the IUC to see if anyone has explored this tool already or not, or if there are any current plans I didn’t find, you can reach them at their chat. Find the link at their repository above.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @jennaj. I have opened an issue at the IUC to see if they are interested in incorporating this tool into Galaxy.

Thank you for helping me and explaining how to apply for help.

Best regards,

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