assembly with SPADES / metaSPADES

Hello, I’ve been facing a certain problem for some time now regarding SPADES and metaSPADES. There are always error messages, of the most varied possible, at the time of requesting the work or minutes after the execution of the same. Most of these are memory errors or incorrect data entry (it sometimes mentions duplicate input files) - I always follow the manual and so far I’ve only managed to run my data twice. These are paired end data (individual datasets). My data is metagenomic libraries; each file is between 400 and 500GB in size. Is this some SPADE/metaSPADE instability?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @hugovalerio1,
could you try to run your analysis in Regards

Thank you very much, solved! I don’t know what the problem with and, but with everything went well, everything is working fine. Thanks for the tip!