Can not input dataset into uploaded workflow.

I downloaded and saved a workflow to my computer. Saved it to Galaxy under my workflows. Opened the workflow to run it. Shows steps to input datasets however it will not allow me to browse my computer to upload datasets.

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Were you able to upload datasets before importing the workflow?
You are not clear how you are trying to upload data but it is the same process regardless of running it through a workflow or a single tool.

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Hi - The datasets need to be uploaded to Galaxy and present in the currently active history in order to select them as inputs to a workflow.

Do you need more help with Upload? Start here:

Thanks I got it working.

I guess the instructions should be to upload datasets first before opening the workflow.

The confusion is that interface shows you the option of of uploading datasets but is inactivated.

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Do you have time to answer two questions so we can try to make the usage easier to understand?

  1. Where are you using Galaxy? URL if public server, Galaxy release if your own server

  2. Screenshot of the GUI interface that seems to be unclear. (admin edit for privacy)

Circled in yellow is to me what implied I could upload the data set. Maybe in the text of the line it should also state to upload the data set in the current history prior to opening the workflow.



Workflow data input.JPG

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Those same icons are used on all Galaxy tools to indicate that an input should be selected (and importantly, which type of input). All inputs are always “from the active history”. This is sometimes implied yet more often stated on the full, expanded tool forms. But I can understand how this could be a confusion point when a workflow is launched by someone new to using Galaxy.

I passed this along to our development team for consideration. Maybe we can tune the display a bit so that where exactly the input data should come from (the active history, post Upload) is clearer.

Thanks for the feedback!


Kinda my point. The icons indicate that an input should be selected and when you mouse over nothing happens.

Yes inputs are from active history, however if the first thing you do is load a workflow then you get the window that attached above and the icons do not do anything. That is why I think a statement saying data needs to uploaded prior to opening the workflow.