Cannot open zipped file -- Solution: load individual datasets, not multi-file archives


I’ve uploaded a zip file via ftp onto the galaxy servers. This zip file is now in my history and I can see that it has all the files that I want to work with because the size of the zip file in my galaxy history is the same as the size of the zip file on my pc. However, when I decompress the file in galaxy using the unzip function, there is a message that ‘the list is empty’ and I cannot see all the files that I have compressed. So my question is: how can I open my zip file?

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Hi @bart_joosten

Compressed datasets can be uploaded and uncompressed, but the application is expecting that to be a single file. Archives with more than one file are not supported. (The exception is when loading a “Galaxy History Archive” on the User > Histories view, not the Upload tool).

Try loading individual files. These can each be compressed, but individually. Allow the Upload tool to detect the datatype. Use FTP for larger files.

FTP Upload:

  • Please aware that if you are working at, you will need to use an “explicit” connection for now (“implicit” may fail – ticket).
  • Other public servers will have their own FTP instructions when that type of data upload is supported. URL + account credentials are server-specific. Which URL to use is generally on the homepage of the server or noted in the server directory listing here.

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