Uploading large tar.gz file of RNA-seq data


I have a tar.gz file of RNA-seq data that is around 8gb compressed. The file should contain sequencing data from 6 sample lab rats (3 treated and 3 untreated). The sequencing done was Illumina 75bp single end.

What is the best way to go about getting this data onto Galaxy for RNA-seq analysis? Would it work to upload the tar.gz files directly or do they need to be unzipped to get the data onto Galaxy? Thanks.

Dear @ryzhu,
Each individual file can be compressed (zipped fastq/fasta), but a zipped collection of files will not work. 8 GB of 6 files would approx mean 1.3 GB per sample, which can be technically done by the Galaxy upload. Yet, this might take some time. If it fails, or it takes too long that an FTP upload might be better.

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