changes in permission not possible

I have a problem with sharing my data sets. I can share my histories but cannot share the data sets I uploaded. I uploaded them myself when I was logged in. There is also no permission tab when I choose the edit option for the data sets in my history. How can I solve that problem? The set permission option of the history only allows to add some “sharing role for:email1,email2” but not distinct email addresses.

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Welcome, @f.gather

Individual datasets cannot be directly shared with other people by account email address the same way a history can be.

Maybe put a copy of the important datasets in a new smaller history, and share that?

Thanks! Unfortunately, this is not working. the datasets stay private when I copy them to a new history. The history you are sharing do not contain any datasets that can be accessed by the users with which you are sharing. is the message I get when I share this new history. I cannot change the permission at all. We would like to work on the same datasets within our research group and do different analyses. If I create a folder in our library and put in the datasets they are only visible for me. If I go to Edit Dataset Attributes I just see Attributes and Convert, not Permission

Hi @f.gather

Sorry, I thought that you were working at the public server! And you may be but please clarify in any next replies. I’ll remove the server tag for now.

At the public server (for others reading)

  1. Try setting the history to a shared or published state. Try toggling that to see the notice about all included datasets having the permissions updated to allow anyone with the share link to import a history and work with it.
  2. Or, you could adjust your global account permissions under User → Preferences → Set Dataset Permissions for New Histories enter the account email address(es) to grant permissions to.
  3. There might be more possible for specific use case. Example: if you have a dedicated Data Library at a public server, the best advice is to privately contact the same people that originally helped to set that up. This forum is public.

At a private server

  1. Start here: Data Libraries
  2. If you have problems, please describe what you have tried within that context. Details may include server logs, config files, or admin messages. Remember to redact any private information (keys, passwords). There is also an administrative chat (also public) here that is good for quick questions.