Clustering of protein sequences on Galaxy

Is there a clustering program/facility in Galaxy, similar to CLANS or Cytoscape?

Welcome, @kenngerdes

Galaxy incorporates third party tools, and several public servers host tools for proteomics, metabolomics, mass-spec and the like. Some are domain-specific.

Start the search here → Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources - Galaxy Community Hub. Under the “All” tab try a search with “prot” or other keywords that you think might be relevant to find some choices.

Or, maybe review the GTN tutorials? The “Available at these Galaxies” menu on each lists the servers that host the tools involved. → Galaxy Training!

Not all tools are included in a tutorial, but these two resources will help to navigate the options. Let us know if you have followup questions. Others are welcome to comment more :slight_smile: