Connecting to Galaxy ftp Server

Hi All,
I am trying to connect to the Galaxy ftp server via command line. I followed the tutorial; however, it is not working.

When I try:
$ lftp -u ftps://
I get the error, “lftp: Name or service not known”

I can successfully run:
$ lftp -u htpps://
but when I try to transfer files I get the following error, "
put: Fatal error: gnutls_record_send: Error in the push function."

Not sure what is going on, so I am reaching out to determine how best to connect to the Galaxy ftp so i can upload my files to my Galaxy account.


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Welcome, @Jason_White

Please try again. I just tested both methods and they work correctly with a few simple commands:

$ put my_file
< chat from the server about the transfer >
$ ls
< my_file is listed >

Usage from FAQ

For explicit FTPS:

$ lftp -u

For implicit FTPS:

$ lftp -u ftps://

If you cannot get line-command ftp to work, using a client like Filezilla is another choice. How-to is on the same FAQ.


Thanks, it is working now. It was a quirk with our cluster.

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