convert fastq to columns pvalue, logFc2

Where can I find the tool “Compute an expression on every row” in the Galaxy Tools collection. The only ones I find are incomplete.

Welcome, @Daniel_Sonenshine

The tool is named Compute on rows. This is a link to the tool at the public Galaxy server as a reference → link

Now, a fastq file by itself will not work with that tool. But you could potentially use the fastq data as an input to an analysis workflow that will involve the tools that can produce that type of expression analysis output.

Start at the Galaxy Training Network (GTN), and go into the analysis domain you are interested in. Transcriptomics (?) is in the listing. The first three Introduction tutorials explore alternative splicing types of analysis, then the End-to-End tutorials calculate differential expression for “known” reference genomes/gene annotations.

Each includes a workflow template that can be imported and used. Try with the tutorial data to see what it does, then make adjustments for your own data.

And, this FAQ has some tips for getting your own data and reference data organized in a way these tools can understand. → FAQ: Extended Help for Differential Expression Analysis Tools

Hope this helps! But if not, you can explain more about what you are looking for. :slight_smile: