cross two tabular datasets

Hi I have two tabular datasets.

dataset 1

Chr1	27710692
Chr2	23208700
Chr3	23909605
Chr4	25771913
Chr5	24355883

dataset 2


I am searching for a tool where the rows from the dataset1 are returned when the first column matches the first column of dataset 2. The files are not sorted and order might differ.
The expected output would be

Chr1	27710692
Chr2	23208700
Chr3	23909605

I tried searching in text tools but could not find one. I would be grateful for a tool suggestion.

Hi @microfuge

There are a few ways to do this. Try Join two Datasets. You could also try Sort on a column on both files before joining if the results are not what you want … but that is more important for really large files (helps it run faster). Data Manipulation Olympics

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