custom data source tool error

I’m trying to create a custom data source tool that links to our site and when a button is pressed it returns a csv to Galaxy, however I got some cors errors when attempting to send the post request to Galaxy.

After that I decided to use the ‘UCSC Main’ data source tool as an example so I created the most basic web page that has no content only a single button that when pressed submits a form to Galaxy with a post request. The idea was to scale the tool down to get the most basic result (a “hello” text) or something simple to get it to work then I scale up again and worry about sending the csv file through ajax.

This tool worked in the sense that as the button was pressed it took me back to Galaxy and the tool output showed it failed in my history panel. I was wondering what would be the basic parameters necessary both on the tool.xml file and on my webpage side so that way I can return at least a basic “hello” text.

Thank you to anyone who is willing to help as I have been stuck trying to figure this out for work for some time now. Also if anyone can give me a basic outline of the process of returning a csv to Galaxy I would appreciate it.

My test web page form:

Data source wrapper XML file: