.dat file in /home/ubuntu/galaxy/database/files/000/

Hello, Yesterday I generated a .bam file using a local galaxy instance. It was viewable from history. This morning I can only see the file (.dat file) from /home/ubuntu/galaxy/database/files/000/dataset_1.dat.

How do I “restore” this file to my Galaxy UI history ? Should I download the .dat file and re-upload into History? Since the filesize is about 18 GB I really want to use the most efficient method for its restore.

Please let me know whether I should include any additional information. There were no error messages or messages of any kind.

Thank you!

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Have you been logged in to your user account when generating the dataset yesterday, and are you still logged in today?

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I was logged into my account yesterday while generating the dataset. I could see it in my history while still logged into galaxy. Yesterday evening I logged out and this morning I logged back into galaxy and could not locate my dataset in history.

I will no longer logout of galaxy in the evening. Can I retrieve the .dat file from disk and re-load it into my history ?

Sure, that will work though it’s not fixing the underlying issue, and you should definitely be able to log out of your account without losing access to data.

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Thanks again! I will try to upload the .dat file back into history.


Just double checking: what do you see when you click on the “view all histories” button (in the top right hand corner)


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Thanks for double checking. When I select the “View all histories” icon I unfortunately do not see my dataset.

Yesterday I remembered that I was not able to download this dataset from file…I am using localhost:8080.

but do you see more than one history?