No access to old data

I can’t access anymore to my February’s data from all my stories, even if these data are not deleted.
That is ever happened ?
How can i do for recovering my data?
Thank you very much !

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Hi @cha2906

Please check under User > Histories with the “Advanced Search”. Perhaps the histories were accidentally deleted? Deleted histories/datasets can be restored to active status for a period of time set by the server administrators – and you can change the status yourself. Permanently deleted (purged) histories/datasets are not recoverable, even by an administrator.


It is a very good practice to download and backup important data (datasets, histories, workflows), no matter which public Galaxy servers you may be working at.

FAQ: >>

Also, please note that not all public Galaxy servers retain even active data indefinitely. The home page of the server will usually clarify their data retention policy. If you are still not sure or the information seems to be missing, what is the URL of the public Galaxy server where this occurred? We can probably help to clarify.



Thank you for your answer.
In fact, my data were not be deleted from my histories.
I can still view my data in my histories but I cannot access to it. A message appears as you can see in my attachment.

Thank you very much for your help !

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Hi @cha2906


Was this a history “shared with you” from someone else, and copied into your account? It could be that the data itself was not shared with you (view permission granted, but not full access) – granting full access is distinct action that the person who shared the data with you needs to do (

Although, if that were the case, I’m pretty sure a different message is expected (would include notes about permissions) – but each Galaxy server can be configured a bit differently with respect to how permissions are handled, and this particular server is GDPR-compliant.

And, to complicate it, PDFs usually need to be downloaded to view them. Meaning, the “eye” view icon is not active. But that is also adjustable.

Let’s ask the admins of the server for more help, as this looks more like a server-side issue, or maybe they will recoginize what is really going on! @wm75 @bjoern.gruening


@cha2906 can you please look at if you are affected?


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Yes it’s exactly that, i’m affected by this problem…

So now the only solution is to re-run my histories ?


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@cha2906 Yes. The link Bjoern shared has some tips to help (reupload input, extract a workflow).

Also, consider periodically backing up your work going forward. This FAQ is intended to help with managing quota space but also covers how to backup work in general:

Thanks and sorry this happened!