Deleting 'Purged' Datasets - can't clear history or associated data

I have an old account on that contains project parts from 9 years ago. I want to clear all of that out before starting on a new project.

The histories are listed, but I can’t delete them; datasets are listed as purged, but there is ~6 GB being used and I can’t see those data. There are no trashcan icons in the history sidebar and selecting to switch between disfferent histories doesn’t change any of the display or allow deleting.

May I have these account data and histories reset and blanked?

Welcome, @sdmoore

Your account at has two histories that are deleted but not permanently deleted (purged). Those will still count toward quota usage until purged.

How to review all histories, of any state, and purge them.

This method works at any Galaxy server, even older releases.

  1. Go to User → Histories
  2. Click into Advanced Search
  3. Set status == all
  4. Select the histories you want to remove, then choose Delete Permanently.
  5. Log out of Galaxy then back in again to reset the quota usage if the Storage Dashboard is not yet available.

Some servers will also support these methods. supports all of these.

  • Go to User → Preferences → Storage Dashboard

    • Refresh Good to use after purging a lot of data or if the total usage seems incorrect after purging. The server resets as a background process, so this forces the action to happen quicker.
    • Is your usage more than expected? Finds any datasets or histories previously marked as deleted but that haven’t yet been purged, and allows you to review and manage those data individually or in batch.
    • Visually explore your disk usage Graphical views of the type and size of data in your account.

Awesome, thanks. Worked as intended.

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