History purged but not deleted from the account storage

Dear Galaxy team, I purged several histories, however my data storage did not increase. If I delete single datasets from each history I refind them in the storage manager and can permanently delete them however this is not the case after I deleted entire histories. Could you help me with that please?

Thanks a lot!


Welcome, @sophie230619

If you are permanently deleting (purging) a history, then all of the datasets inside the history are also purged. Only datasets in the intermediate “deleted” step will show up under the functions in the Storage Dashboard. It is intended to help you find any in that stage.

Use the User → Preferences → Storage Dashboard → Refresh function to recalculate quota usage after purging a larger amount of data. That can take around a day sometimes to fully reset your account since it runs the background.

Let us know if that works or not. :slight_smile: