Data Cleanup Request/Change

Hi all,

Anyone with a registered account on will have just received the following email from me:


You are receiving this message because you have registered an account on Data stored on is being transferred to a new storage system, and as part of this process, we would like to do a bit of housekeeping. has no formal data retention policy, and our goal has always been to keep all active data within accounts. We also need to balance this goal with good stewardship of the storage system we are hosted on at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).

A significant amount of space is being consumed by non-deleted “error” (red) Datasets in account Histories. These are the outputs of tool executions that failed. Currently, these Datasets are not permanently deleted (purged) from disk unless the owner explicitly removes them.

To this end, on Thursday, August 5, 2021, we will be removing all non-deleted “error” datasets from disk. Going forward, after August 5, any “error” datasets will be automatically deleted 14 days after their creation. After automatic deletion, these Datasets will appear as permanently deleted in your history.

We are also asking you to please help us out a bit more by logging in to your account and deleting any Histories or Datasets in your account that you no longer need. An overview of the options for cleaning your account can be found under ”Reduce quota usage while still retaining prior work (data, tools, methods)” of the Account Quotas section of the Galaxy Support Hub.

Guides for completing many of these steps can be found in the “Downloading and Deleting Data in Galaxy” and “Extracting Workflows from Histories” tutorials in the Galaxy Training Network (GTN).

Additionally, if you no longer need your Galaxy account at all, it can be deleted from the bottom of the User Preferences page (found under the User menu in the masthead of Removing your account will also prevent you from receiving future announcement emails such as this.

For assistance, please use Galaxy Help. For private concerns, you can contact us at Replies to this message are automatically ignored.

Thanks, on behalf of the support team,


If you have any questions or difficulties, please let us know in the replies, or contact us privately using the address above.

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