History has been flagged as deleted and purged


I uploaded data about 5 days ago to run a Trinity assembly. I checked each day but it was still waiting to run. Now, I just checked again and there is a flag above the history stating, “This history has been purged and deleted”. However, my datasets are still visible and my storage space is still being used.

Can anyone tell me if the history has actually been purged? And/or, what further steps I might have to take?

Many thanks,

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Welcome, @John_Henry!

Very odd. I’d like you to try something – Log out of the Galaxy server where you are working (all browser tabs closed). Then log back in. This should at least reset your quota usage to be correct. Then go to your “Saved Histories” and re-check the status there. You might need to use the Advanced Search with the option “status = all”.

To delete an entire history is a two-step process. It would be very unlikely to happen by accident. But if you’re brand new to using Galaxy, I could understand how trying to permanently delete (purge) datasets could get confused with purging an entire history (guessing that is what happened, or something similar).

Did this happen at the Galaxy Main public server https://usegalaxy.org? If yes, please post back the history name. I found your account here and reset quota as admin. The quota usage is now at 0%, confirming that any data that may have been in here was permanently deleted. I haven’t looked in detail yet - I need to know which history seems problematic.

If working somewhere else, please share URL if public. We can usually help you to contact the administrators. Not all visit this forum.

Thanks and let’s follow up. We usually cannot recover purged data, but I’d like to check the log for that history. We can find out when it was deleted, et cetera.

Meanwhile, you might want to start over and get your jobs in the queue.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly.

I am working in the Galaxy Main public server. I hadn’t actually named the history (rookie mistake) but it is the most recent of the “deleted permanently” histories in my saved history. I’m certain that I didn’t delete that history, it had previously taken me long enough to correctly purge an older history to reset my usage and I had no need to go through such a process again. Also, this history was sitting there for a couple of days, looking like it was just waiting to run, and the purge flag suddenly turned up without me doing any work at all.

Anyway, it would be good to figure out what happened but I haven’t lost anything so no big deal. I will re-upload and give that another go.


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I’m really sorry this happened and we’ll take a closer look. To my knowledge, histories mysteriously getting purged has never occurred before in an active account.

Deleted accounts are different (all histories are purged), but yours is definitely active.

From what we can tell from the logs, the history was deleted from the “Saved Histories” menu.

If you are certain this wasn’t you, then I would suggest updating the account password, especially if you ever use a shared computer. Do this under User > Preferences.

An email will be sent to the registered account email address with a link for the reset. Sometimes these emails get sorted into Spam folders, so check there if you cannot find it in your Inbox.

I see your new history set up with jobs running. Glad you have things going again!

I’ll get on and do that.

Thank you so much for your help.


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