data lost after updating galaxy

I have just updated my local galaxy instance today to the most recent version (after 3 years without updating).
I had hoped my histories and data would be kept, but when I loaded the new galaxy, while my usage was still recorded as 2.8 Tb, all datasets and histories had disappeared. I tried to look for archives histories, but nothing came.
Is there a way to recover this kind of data? Where are all the data stored within the galaxy path? is it the temp folder? Is there any way to recover that?


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Hi @Jean-Michel_Fustin_S

Did you backup the database before updating?

:warning: WRONG, sorry! If not, data may be actually lost.

It is recommended to update the server incrementally through releases. Why? The data model can change in small ways, and at each update, there is a migration process that moves content old → new. You should still be using backups but each “jump” is smaller this way, and much easier to troubleshoot. Big jumps (skipping releases) are universally problematic.

This training covers the processes: Server Maintenance: Cleanup, Backup, and Restoration

I hope that helps, and also hoping everything can be restored!

We definitely don’t delete data on upgrade. Are you properly logged in and using the same database connection ?

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Hi Jen,

Thank you for your reply and advice!
In the end I have re-run all my analysis.
Will be careful to update frequently and backup data before doing so.