Data reformat (.vcf file)

I’m curious if anyone could help me to reformat a file that only has sequencing positions to a standard .vcf file. The file format I have is:
I 1006
I 2527
I 5391

And I need to transform them into this format:
##samtoolsVersion=0.1.18 (r982:295)
chrI 1222 haw1 A C . . MPU=-21.9682
chrI 2651 haw2 T A . . MPU=-21.9337
chrI 3659 haw3 C T . . MPU=-21.9094

I appreciate any help and suggestion. Many thanks!

There are some tabular- and text-dealing tools at Galaxy.
Can you point out where did your first file come and what tool you are planning to use with the second one?

The REF and the ALT allele are required fields in VCF so if you really do not have that information there isn’t much you can do.

Thank you for the reply @David and @wm75. The first file comes from a customized SNP analysis package. The author used various variants calling tools on two files and only extract the position information. I guess the solution is to re-do the variants calling to get the complete vcf files, then cross-reference the list to those files.

Maybe you can contact the author to provide the complete files. Or check if they have any supplemental files containing it.