Data Usage and Job Processing Issues

I’m having an issue that I think is related to my disk usage.

I accidentally permanently deleted a huge number of files from the history I’m working in currently, and similarly deleted two other large histories permanently. I used the “purge” feature to attempt to clear up space on the disk to re-upload files and continue processing this. This has apparently not helped clear up any space, because my usage bar indicates that I’m using 97% (with about 77 GB in the current, and only, history I have).

I think that because of this issue, Galaxy is now pausing all of the jobs I have queued and I cannot resume them. I’ve tried various things like logging out of my account to refresh the disk usage etc., but nothing seems to fix that issue. Any help is appreciated.

When you go to and click on advanced->all do you still only see your one history with 77GB?