Dependency error in Frogs installation

I am trying to install the Frogs version

Unfortunately, i am not able to resolve following dependencies

FROGS Demultiplex reads frogs

Kindly help me to resolve the problem faced for my Galaxy installation.

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First, make sure that your Galaxy install is up to date. The most current release is 19.01:

From there you have choices:

If it fails again, or you want to install line command, either contact the repository owners ( or open a ticket at the development repository reporting the problem (

From the error message you shared, Iā€™m not sure of the scope of problems that could be involved. The developers that created the tools will be able to offer more help to troubleshoot ā€“ and let you know about any known issues with the older tool version. It could be a problem as simple as an incompatible perl version or something else (disc space exceeded?).

I encountered the same problem. Installing version 3.1.0 solved dependencies problem.


Welcome, @nagoue! Thanks for posting back confirmation the upgraded tool option works

Thanks for your reply,

You are right, for version 3.1.0 it is working

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