"Disk quota exceeded" tool errors at UseGalaxy.org -- Early June 2021


I’ve been having a similar issue for a few days now. I’ve been trying to upload a file but it keeps stopping and showing the red error message “Warning: Internal Server Error (500)”. I’ve tried rerunning the upload and have made sure there are no connection issues but the upload is still failing.

Please advise, and thank you in advance.



Welcome @kimia.aghasoleimani !

Thanks for asking about this problem. It is a temporary server-side issue impacting jobs, not just Upload, and the message is not always reported within the failed dataset itself in the History view. But it is on the Job Details page under stdout or stderr reports (“i” icon).

What to do: Try a rerun. For this and any other jobs that fail in a similar way.

How to know if this is your issue: Check the stderr report.

For errors like this one per dataset – reported in the stderr at the very end:

OSError: [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded

Likely related: Uploads fail directly within that tool, before the data is loaded into the history.

That said, it seems you were not getting that far into the processing, and the Upload tool is reporting a problem instead.

Warning: Internal Server Error (500)

Both types of errors are most likely related to the same root issue right now.

If there is an actual problem with the file itself (contents or transfer), that same error in the Upload tool can result.

So, double-check your local data first for any obvious problems (truncated file, compression problems). If Ok, then try a rerun letting Galaxy set the datatype (auto-detect, the default), and consider using FTP to load data if your connection is slower and/or the file is very large.


The errors are related to administrative tasks running in the background at UseGalaxy.org. Specifically, we have been migrating data to a larger storage system. The prior is full – resulting in odd transient errors like those above for a fraction of jobs. Rerun those tools.

Apologies for the confusion, and thanks for reporting the problem!


Thank you a lot!!!