"Errno 122: Disk Quota Exceeded" errors -- Resolved at UseGalaxy.org March 24 2023

I’m trying to run a HTSEQ-COUNT function on a BAM and GTF file but it keeps failing and showing “Errno 122: Disk Quota Exceeded” but I’ve only used 8% of my storage.

Update March 24 2023

Over the last few days, a subset of jobs failed with “Errno 122: Disk Quota Exceeded” and a few other related messages (examples: file not retrieved, metadata generation failed, server could not complete)

Any jobs or operations that failed in odd ways or that produced empty green outputs should be rerun.

For errors produced when using the Upload tool, reloading the data is the solution.

Welcome, @Ari_Sysimaki

Jobs that failed with this message are due to a server issue at UseGalaxy.org.

Please rerun any jobs that ended this way.