Displayed storage is more than actually used


I only use 80-90 GB storage but it says 269 GB is alrady used. I purged all the deleted items but this does not solve the problem. I can’t generate more data now so it would be appreciated if you can help.


Welcome, @Teruyuki_Matsunaga

After purging a larger amount of data, use the User → Preferences → Storage Dashboard → Refresh function to recalculate an updated quota usage. The server will catch up in a few days running that in the background but using the function directly forces the recalculation to happen quicker.

Have you tried that yet? And the function fully completed?

If the quota doesn’t change, then there is still that much data in your account. Quotas for datasets and histories

  • The User → Histories view lists the total size of each history. The default listing is active histories only. Click into the Advanced Search and set the “status = all” to reveal deleted + permanently deleted (purged) histories. Data needs to be purged to be removed from the the usage.

  • The “Deleted” tab within a history will list out all deleted + permanently deleted (purged) datasets.

  • The “Hidden” tab within a history will list out all hidden datasets.

    • There are a few ways to “delete/purge” collections (purge collection only, or purge the collection and all datasets in it) – if you choose the first that can leave leftover hidden elements that are not needed anymore.
    • Data conversions at runtime will also be hidden (“implicit conversion” to a related format). This can create near duplicates of data. One solution is to unhide the converted file and purge the original.
    • Please be careful when manipulating hidden data – the purge action is permanent and cannot be undone if a mistake is made.

If that doesn’t solve the problem – where are you working? The URL if a public server or explain if different.