Over Quota - deleted datasets won't purge


I’m having an issue with reducing my disk usage. I set the Tophat tool to run on a collection of data in my history, however realised shortly afterwards I had input a parameter incorrectly and cancelled the run, and deleted the datasets. However my disk usage was still used up and has gone over quota.

I have attempted to purge these datasets from my history using the ‘purge deleted datasets’ function, however when I do, it deletes 0 files and reads that I still have 341 deleted files in my history.

I have also tried logging out and in, and waiting 24 hours to recalculate disk usage but nothing seems to have changed.

Would anybody be able to help with this issue?

Many thanks.

I resorted to purging the entire history, and re-uploading/processing my data. Purging the history successfully cleared the disk usage.

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