Editing Config Files to connect to a Cluster

Hello everyone,

I have an HPC cluster set up, and I used git to pull the latest version of galaxy into the Master node of my cluster. Now I am at the stage where I need to edit the config files. I was reading the documentation, and it seems like the steps to take are:

in the config directory, copy the galaxy.yml.sample and job_config.yml.sample as galaxy.yml and job_config.yml, within the same directory

Change settings in those files

Do sh run.sh

Am I correct?

Also I am planning to use SLURM as a job manager, anyone have experience with setting up configs files for that?


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For Slurm the important reads are here and here.

Using the run.sh script is a good start but for production you might want to look into managing the Galaxy processes using supervisor.


Perfect reply, thanks! I’ll check these out and run the tutorial.

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