Error after login to Galaxy with lftp: Temporary command line FTP instructions

I used to transfer files to the Galaxy server using lftp without problems, but I can’t do it now. I get the error below after login to Galaxy with lftp. I will appreciate it your help.

ls: Fatal error: Certificate verification: Not trusted (93:3C:6D:DE:E9:5C:9C:41:A4:0F:9F:50:49:3D:82:BE:03:AD:87:BF)

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Hi @romseg

This is happening at, correct?

One of the connection methods is not functioning the same as before (right now), and an adjustment is needed. Details are here: FTP connection fails at Server-side issue 02/18/2022 · Issue #355 · galaxyproject/usegalaxy-playbook · GitHub. That includes a link to the FAQ where both lftp connection methods are described – use “explicit” instead of “implicit” for now.


Actually I am using I think the problem is something with the cluster I am using since I don’t have this problem connecting to from my personal computer. Thanks for your kind assistance.