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Hi all,

I have browsed for similar questions, found them, but did not get a working solution from it. Hence a repost, sorry.

I have troubles logging into FTP to upload files.

  1. I can login to the website of usegalaxy.eu normally, using either username + password or email + password
  2. using Filezilla, login fails using the following: host = usegalaxy.org, username = email, password = password, port = [empty], quickconnect
  3. output:

Status: Resolving address of usegalaxy.org

Status: Connecting to…

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…

Status: Initializing TLS…

Status: Verifying certificate…

Status: TLS connection established.

Command: USER [bleep]

Response: 331 Password required for [bleep]

Command: PASS *

Response: 530 Login incorrect.

Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

  1. similarly using lftp:

lftp -u [bleep] usegalaxy.org

put [file]

put: [file]: Login failed: 530 Login incorrect.

Can somebody explain why I can login to the website, but not the FTP? I am not over my data quota. Not sure how to proceed…

Many thanks for any help you can offer!

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Hi @leonvgurp

I asked the EU admins at Gitter to find out status about FTP uploads.

The server URL you are using is for usegalaxy.org. Every public server has its own distinct FTP URL (when FTP is enabled, and it at EU as far as I know). So, you need to know the proper FTP URL for usegalaxy.eu, otherwise the connection will error the way you post it (mismatched account credentials and server URL) and the one I think is correct, when tested, had other problems (what is displayed in the Upload tool there). Specificaly: ftp.usegalaxy.eu

Workaround if you are in a hurry: Skip FTP and try uploading the files by browsing them in the Upload tool. The Upload tool at many public Galaxy servers, including EU, can handle files larger than 2 GB now.

Question posted here. The EU admins may write back here or there, feel free to join in either place: https://gitter.im/usegalaxy-eu/Lobby?at=5e9a12192ff88975b42a64df

ping @bjoern.gruening @wm75

Hello Jennifer, thanks for your clear answer! I was indeed able to login using ftp.usegalaxy.eu, but my ftp folder is empty, while I have a number of files in my account. does ftp uploaded data end up in a different location than data that was uploaded via the webserver? Again, many thanks for your help!

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Glad you got connected! The FTP directory will be empty until you transfer data. Try with a small file as a test and you’ll figure out how it works. Then once you understand, go ahead and move your larger data :slight_smile:

More about FTP transfer to Upload data:

  • Upload files to the target FTP location following the instructions here: https://galaxyproject.org/ftp-upload/
  • FTP locations are account and server-specific. It is an intermediate data staging area. The FAQ above has the FTP URL for Galaxy Main (usegalaxy.org) included as an example. Other servers will usually note the FTP URL in the Upload tool (if FTP is enabled on that server).
  • Galaxy EU https://usegalaxy.eu has server-specific help here: https://galaxyproject.eu/ftp/
  • The files stay there for 3 days (max) at usegalaxy.* servers. Other public servers may have different criteria – the home page may state how their site is configured, or you can try contacting them.
  • Move the files from your FTP location to a history with the Upload tool within those 3 days. Data will load as a dataset, the same as with other Upload methods.
  • Once an FTP’d file is added to a history as a dataset, or if you don’t move it within 3 days, it will no longer be in that temporary FTP staging location.
  • Only files uploaded with FTP will ever be in your FTP location.
  • Files may start to show up in the FTP location listing before the transfer is completed! So be sure to not move data into a history before FTP is completed successfully, or you’ll need to start over.
  • Your FTP location is associated with your account. The same account as used originally to FTP transfer the data.

Contact information for all known public Galaxy servers is usually on the server’s home page and/or in their directory listing here: https://galaxyproject.org/use/

General Galaxy questions and most usegalaxy* questions (that do not require privacy) can be asked at this forum. And if you cannot find contact information for other public Galaxy server(s) for some reason (for private or server-specific help), we can try to help locate it, based on the server’s URL (you’ll need to post that info with your question).


Okay, totally clear now. Thanks so much for your kind and comprehensive explanation!

best regards,

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