uploading files in galaxy.eu


I am trying to upload files to the server:

  • Chose local file
    I managed to upload I think, but looking at the window on the right, where my datasets are, and it’s written “This job is waiting to run”. What does it mean, waiting for what?
  • Chose FTP file
    I cannot connect to usegalaxy.eu or usegalaxy.org through Filezilla (passive mode checked). |Response:|530 Login incorrect.|
    |Error:|Critical error: Could not connect to server|

Could someone please help me spotting what is wrong?

Thank you.

Hi @gomette!

Our FTP server is at a different address. You can find more information about it in our documentation.

There were some temporary problems with running jobs on usegalaxy.eu today, please see the notice in the center panel. These should be resolved now. If your uploads still do not succeed, please retry at your convenience.

Thanks for using UseGalaxy.eu! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you very much, it’s indeed running now.
Both upload are working.
I did not pay attention and assume I was the guilty one.

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