Problem uploading datasets to using FTP

For some reason, when I try to upload my rawdata form my computer to I only get the warning of “Waiting for the server to connect” but the jobs do not even begin. Does anyone know if is there a problem with the server or if is there something I can do to successfully upload my data?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Welcome, @Claudia_Castillo!

The EU admins will be able to help more once they are online again (is night time there right now), but I can confirm that uploading by FTP (Filezilla or line-command) is not connecting at this server. This functionality was undergoing more changes today and some part of that work-in-progress is likely the root cause of the issue.

Upload using “Choose local file” is working Ok for me. This functionality can handle larger datasets than it did before. Maybe give it a try if you are in a rush? Just be sure to double check what you upload to make sure it is complete after, or test to see if tools work on the data without errors.

If the files can be placed someplace public where they can be retrieved by URL, Upload using "Paste/Fetch data` is another option. This works with larger datasets reliably.

If tools fail, including but not limited to the “datatype” assignment made by Upload (check the expanded dataset for warnings), that can indicate a partial data load, and you might need to wait for the FTP issues to be resolved before proceeding.

Hope that helps until the EU team can respond!

Thanks a million for your reply, Jenna!

I tried choosing a local file as you suggested and it is working for me… so, for now I am able to work on my data!

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