-- unexpected server behavior May 2022

Hi, I wish to upload a file (112 Mb) to but it failed. After I clicked the “Upload Data” button and uploaded the file, it reached 100% quickly. However, after hours, the file is still loading to be available in the history (job still running and appeared in orange color). May I have your help or advice on this issue? Thanks.

It’s okay. The problem is solved

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Hello @Sylvia

The server was undergoing server changes over the last few days. From my experiences during that time frame, the service was either completely inaccessible (with a fall-over landing page stating the service is not available), or I could reach the server and some functions were Ok and others were slower or stalled (Upload – both by local file and by URL, loading up tool forms – but other functions could also present as odd) . now has a banner up on the server with an explanation.

17.05.2022. Since this morning, we are experiencing issues on our main storage. The service is, currently, not reliable. We are working on a solution

If you notice odd behavior again sometime in the future:

  1. A server restart might cause odd behavior for a minute or two. Refreshing your browser window and starting the problematic action over again is usually enough.
  2. Check the overall status for any of the UseGalaxy.* servers and related primary resources, at the publicly posted status page here:
  3. Ask questions at this forum if both of those don’t help, or apply, or if you need more details.
  4. While waiting for a reply, you can work at any of the other UseGalaxy.* servers. One account at each has benefits: different storage/computational server resources plus your account at each has distinct resources (data storage quota).

Note: I’m going to modify the topic title and put this as the solution to make it easier for other people to find your question and the advice in the reply, should they run into a problem at the EU server and are not sure what is going on.

Thanks for posting!