Files fail to upload--"Gateway Time Out"


I am a new user (and new to Galaxy in general). So far I have had success uploading my files to the main Galaxy server ( but when I try to upload them to, they fail to upload due to “Gateway Time Out.” Is the issue on my end, or is the “Slow Uploads” issue noted by administrators on 12/21 still unresolved?

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Hi @krhaynes, I’m just back from vacation today, and will look into this more over the next few days. Sorry for the delay! All I can suggest is just retry for now, 100MB is not so big.

On this page you can see the current status of the upload API. The top graph shows how long uploads are taking, the bottom few show some debugging information for us. At least maybe this gives you an idea of “good” or “bad” times to upload, until we can solve the underlying issue.

Hello @hxr,
Thanks for your reply! I will keep my eye on the webpage you sent and try again at a “good” upload time. I appreciate your response.

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