file upload fails


Since yesterday, we are having troubles to upload fastq files on
I am talking about relatively small fastq files (40Mb), which I was able to upload on other galaxy instances so far, and on in the past.

(small csv file was ok to upload)

Is there something I could be doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @ambrette

I just tested local file Upload at It was very fast for files of size 400 bytes. It was noticeably slower for files ~1.5 Mb but still worked.

Perhaps try with FTP? That can work better even for smaller files if the server is busy with other tasks at any particular time. How-to for this server: Galaxy Europe | FTP service instructions

Hope that helps! If not, write back and maybe provide a screenshot or two. It is night in the EU right now so expect a reply possibly over the weekend but more likely on Monday.