crictical error ftp

Dear All,
I have a crictical error trying to upload data to the ftp server via Filezilla. This is my configuration :

  • Server :
  • Login:
  • Port : 21
  • Properties : Insecure connections only, no support for tls.

This is the error :
530 Login incorrect.

The account is managed “trough” Elixir consortium; my guess is that the ftp system is using a different autentication method/system respect the galaxy web interface …
Thanks in advance for any help you can give to me.

I leave a reply if someone would experience the same problem.
Actually the autentication system for the usegalaxy web interface trough the Elixir consortium does not encompass the FTP server. The generic galaxy user has to be configured even if you do not need it to access to usegalaxy service. I hade resolved going to the menu “prefences” and changing the pwd.