Extract workflow from history option is invisible

Hi all,

I am new to using Galaxy and tried to follow the Galaxy 101 tutorial. Unfortuantely. I can’t extract the workflow from history because although my history panel has the cog icon, when I click it, no such option shows up. This is contrary to what is shown in this tutorial: https://galaxyproject.org/tutorials/g101/#creating-and-editing-a-workflow

Please help me :slight_smile:

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Hi @4symmetry and welcome,
are you signed in when you’re trying to do this? In general, workflow functionality on Galaxy servers is only available to registered users (cause the workflow has to be associated with you somehow).

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Hi @wm75,
thanks a lot for your quick reply! Ah, yes, that was the problem. I wasn’t aware that you can use Galaxy without logging in, at all. I also currently have only my laptop screen, so when I tried to view both the tutorial and the Galaxy interface on it, the windows became so small so that the login/register button on the Galaxy interface had disappeared. Thus I thought I was logged in. :see_no_evil:

Thanks a lot!

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@4symmetry Ok, glad that helped!

Sigh, and run into the same situation a lot of the time, even on a desktop. We all waiting for magic virtual screens to become a thing :fairy: But, until then, maybe Galaxy itself can do something about the top Masthead being friendlier to smaller screens – I’ll make a request.

Update: https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/issues/10417

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Also created a papercut issue for this and a related login-only available functionality that could be better: https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/issues/10418

@4symmetry Keep it coming! Whatever you are finding that is tricky to understand, other new users are also likely finding tricky. We started a new project specifically to prioritize and improve the overall user experience in small ways. Community feedback is important – so not just you but anyone reading this post are all welcome to make suggestions. We’ve always welcomed suggestions – but have recruited more resources now to really focus on it (organizing a monthly hackathon for exactly this purpose).

  • If the usage issue is with Galaxy itself, please post to a topic here. We can give direct/immediate help plus triage items for that “papercut” project.

  • Advanced users of Galaxy who already know how to solve the usage hurdle, but find something annoying, please feel free to directly create a GitHub issue and the feedback will be triaged there: https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/issues/

  • If the usage issue is with a GTN tutorial, each has a feedback form at the end, and we do review and act on those. The first pinned issues here is where that specific feedback is consolidated: https://github.com/galaxyproject/training-material/issues


thanks a lot, @jennaj! Wasn’t expecting such a warm reply to such a small “user error” report :slight_smile: really like how you are dealing with this!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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