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hello everyone,

we got a problem with some applications using CONDA environment, they are not working anymore

we got this error message : Failed to activate conda environment! Error was: /ftp/files/dependencies/_conda/bin/activate:

/ftp/files/dependencies/_conda/bin/conda : /home/novadmin/galaxy/database/dependencies/_conda/bin/python : mauvais interpréteur: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type …

can you help us ?



Conda envs are not easily redistributable by copying them. It seems the environment are created under /home/novadmin/galaxy/ and are now copied to /ftp/files.
They need to stay in /home/novadmin/galaxy.


Yes we changed the destination of dependencies and tools to /ftp/files in galaxi.ini


This will not work, sorry. You need to reinstall your conda envs then in this location. Relocating is in theory possible but its probably more easy to reinstall them.